Mobile App Development
in Zurich

Sneaker Interactive is a Mobile App company in Clear Lake, Texas

MOBILE APPS Defined: Installable software that can take advantage of a device's resources such as contacts, geo-locations, the camera, and more.

Most people use mobile phones to get around on the internet, much more than desktops. With everything moving to the cloud, apps are becoming even more and more prevalent. Sneaker has been creating apps since 2003. We now have developers that do nothing but create apps. If you have a great idea and the budget to make it happen, then we can help you!

Sneaker has created mobile apps for:

  • The Music Industry - An app with 15,000 users for Who's Doing Music, marketed in New York, LA, Nashville, Austin, Miami and Houston.
  • An app for buying a used car, used all over the United States, with hundreds of thousands of cars at dealerships all over the US. Hundreds of Credit Unions have also signed up so that they can lock in the loan.
  • Employment web apps, where jobs are posted and resumes are posted.
  • Onsite Event Apps for events all over the world.
  • Online ordering app for restaurants.
  • The Court Reporting industry's leading app for finding court reporters and working with them in the app.

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